$45+ ($48.15 w/GST)
Priced per Platter (15 pieces)

Includes 3 types of burgers of your choice:

Angus Beef Patty

Spiced Lamb

BBQ Chicken

Smoked Salmon

Teriyaki Chicken

Pesto Chicken

Grilled Portobello (V)

Salmon, Spinach Quinoa Burger

Grilled Tofu with BBQ Sauce

Sweet Potato Fries with Caramelized Onion


$36+ ($38.52 w/GST)
Priced per Platter (12 pieces)

Includes 3 types of wraps of your choice:

Teriyaki Chicken, Brown Rice, Avocado

Pesto Chicken, Alfalfa, Arugula

Crabmeat Mayo, Sliced Egg, Tomato

Hoisin Duck, Cucumber, Iceberg

Satay Chicken, Spring Onion, Peanut Sauce

Sliced Beef Steak, Green Papaya, Thai Style

Shredded Tuna, Olives, Goma Dressing

Prawn Mayo, Avocado, Rocket

Waldorf Salad Wrap (V)

Chargrilled Aubergine, Courgette, Hummus (V)


$36+ ($38.52 w/GST)
Priced per Platter (24 pieces)

Includes 4 types of sandwiches of your choice:

Chicken Ham, Cheese, Sliced Egg

Smoked Salmon, Cucumber, Cream Cheese

Avocado and Tomato (V)

Roast Beef, Farmhouse Cheddar, Rocket

Turkey Salad, Dijon, Rocket

Tuna and Tomato

Honey Chicken Ham, Cheddar, Cucumber

Crabmeat and Egg Mayo, Lettuce

Prawn Mayo, Sliced Egg, Crisp Leaf

Grill Vegetables, Sunblush Tomato, Pesto


$36+ ($38.52 w/GST)
Priced per Platter (20 pieces)

Includes 4 types of sandwiches of
your choice:

Chicken Ham, Cheese, Sliced Egg

Chicken Sausage & Sauerkraut

Chicken Ham and Pineapple

Teriyaki Chicken and Spinach

Mex Chicken Enchilada

Minced Beef and Turkey Bacon

Miso Glazed Beef

Pesto Chicken

Assorted Vegetables (V)

Wild Mushroom (V)

Olive and Cream Cheese (V)

Avocado-Aspargus-Green Pea (V)


  • Transportation charge of $45.00 ($48.15 with GST) per delivery (waive for order above $800.00)
  • Additional surcharge of $10.00 for delivery to C.B.D Area / Sentosa / Jurong Island. Refer to the first 2 digits of the postal code:
    Robinson: 01,04,05,06,07,08;
    Marina Square: 03,17; Orchard-22,23;
    Bras Basar: 18,19a
  • Actual delivery timing will vary +/- 30 mins from the stipulated delivery timing due to unpredictable weather or traffic condition.
  • Please confirm your catering order 3 working days in advance from your event date, last minute order will be subject to availability.
  • Upon confirmation, cancellation of catering order will incur a penalty of 50% of total food price.
  • Should cancellation be made only within 24 hours from event date, there is a penalty of 90% of total food price imposed on customer.
  • No lift landing (max 2 floors), additional surcharge of $50.00
  • Other terms and conditions apply.
  • Additional charges may apply before 7AM or After 7PM. Please call to check
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